Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 20 Award Descriptions

The English Setter Association of America Top 20 Event will have two awards, the Top 20 Winner and the People’s Choice Award.
Top 20 Winner – this dog is chosen by achieving the highest score amongst the three judge panel.  The judges will use the scoring system as provided in The Complete English Setter by Tuck.  Each judge will evaluate the dogs in two segments, the hands on examination and the movement segment.  During each section the dogs will be evaluated strictly based upon the AKC breed standard while assigning points from the Tuck score sheet.  After both portions have been completed the score sheets will be tallied and the dog with the highest score will be the Top 20 winner. In the event of identical total scores, the dogs pertaining to the tie-breaker will be brought back into the ring and rescored by our three judges. The re-judging will include all hands on categories and the complete movement segment. 
People’s Choice Award – this dog is chosen by the spectators.  Inside each commemorative catalog is a People’s Choice Award ballot for the audience to choose who they believe to be the best English setter in attendance.  At the conclusion of judging these ballots will be collected and tallied.  The dog receiving the highest number of votes will be the People’s Choice Award winner. 

Top 20 Judging Format

ESAA Top Twenty Event
Format for the Top Twenty Event Judging
(note  all times are subject to change; you will be notified in advance of any time changes).
At 5:45 pm all exhibitors will meet for a production briefing. All exhibitors will be informed of their catalog number (also found in the commemorative catalog) and group order for presentation. This portion of the competition will be restricted to the dog/handler team. Participants need NOT have their dog at the production briefing.
Judges will gather at 5:55 pm with their clipboards and score sheets using the point system found in The Complete English Setter by Tuck.
Each Judge will be assigned a steward to assist the Judge as needed. Judges and stewards will then go to their appointed judging stations.
Dogs will be judged in groups of three for the hands-on evaluation starting at 6:00 pm. (No spectators are allowed in the room during the hands-on judging). Judges will rotate through each of the three dogs. After judging the dogs will return to the grooming room upon completion of their part one, "Hands on Examination".
After veteran sweepstakes (approximately 8:00 pm), the Top 20 dogs and their handlers will return to the ballroom for part two of the judging, the movement segment.
Dog/handler teams will enter the ring (as their song selection begins) going around the ring once, ending with a free stack in the center of the ring. Dogs will be asked to do a movement pattern of the judge’s choice, ending with a go-around and exiting the ring. The next dog/handler team will enter the ring as their song selection begins to play.
Once the judging is complete the score sheets will then be collected and tallied.
Ballots for the People’s Choice Award can be found in each commemorative catalog. These ballots will be collected upon the completion of judging and tallied.
All the Top 20 dogs will be called back into the ring for the winners presentation. The Top 20 Winner and People’s Choice Award winner will be announced.

In the event of identical total scores, the dogs pertaining to the tie-breaker will be brought back into the ring and rescored by our three judges. The re-judging will include all hands on categories, and the complete movement segment.  

Top 20 Judge Selection Criteria

Judge Selection Criteria
We have a three judge panel.
1.       Breeder Judge – this individual has a distinguished history and love of our breed.  This individual need not be an AKC licensed judge.  Please note that any breeder that has bred a Top 20 qualifier or that dog’s sire or dam, is ineligible as a judge.
2.       AKC Judge – this individual is an AKC licensed judge who the committee feels is fair, unbiased, and enjoys judging our breed.
3.       Handler Judge – this individual has a successful history showing our breed and demonstrates a love for English Setters much akin to our own.  Please note, any handler that, at any point during the 2013 calendar year, handled a qualifying dog, is ineligible as a judge. 
The judging ballot was composed by a completely separate committee aside from the Top 20 Event Committee.  The individuals that comprised this list of potential judges are not owners, breeders, nor owners of sires or dams of qualifiers.  This was done to ensure a completely unbiased list of judges and uphold the integrity of this new event.  Once composed, the ballot was sent to each qualifying dog’s owner (one ballot per eligible dog).   The individuals receiving the highest number of votes were awarded the judging assignment.

In addition, the results of the voting and judging panel will be kept secret until the night of the event.  We believe this adds to the unbiased and fair nature of the event when the judges are revealed shortly before the start of judging.

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Event--Top 20

We have a new exciting event to add to an already spectacular national specialty week. We will be having our inaugural Top 20 event held on the evening of October 22. This event is open to the Top 20 English setters, both breed and all breed system, from 2013. There will be 3 distinguished judges, one breeder judge, one handler judge, and one all breed judge. The breeder judge does not need to be a licensed AKC judge in order to be eligible. Any breeders that have bred a qualifying Top 20 dog, or it's sire or dam, is ineligible. The all breed judge will come from the mid Atlantic or east coast area. The handler judge will have at least 5 years handling experience with English setters and did not show a dog qualifying for the event. The judges ballot was put together by a completely separate committee from the Top 20 event committee. This ballot is sent to the owner of each invited dog, one ballot per dog, to vote for the judging panel. The selected judging panel is kept secret until the evening of the event. On the evening of the event, each dog will be judged on a point system according to our breed standard by each of our judges. The scores will be tallied and the dog with the highest score will be awarded the Top 20 Winner. In addition, there will be a Peoples Choice award. This award will be determined by the spectators. Each person buying a commemorative catalog showcasing the Top 20 English Setters of 2013, will receive a peoples choice ballot. These ballots will be collected at the end of the event, tallied and the Peoples Choice Award will be given to the dog with the highest number of votes. This is a very exciting event that will prove to be a fun Night With The Stars!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Preliminary Schedule

October 21-24, 2014
Best Western Inn at Hunts Landing
120 Routes 6 & 209, Matamoras, PA

Tentative Schedule
October 20 - Hunt Test

October 21 - Walking Field Trial
For More information about Hunt Test/Walking Field Trial, visit
October 21 - Obedience/Rally
Oct 22 - Futurity/Maturity/Veterans
Oct 23 & 24 - Regular Classes of National

Host Club Specialty:

Hudson English Setter Club Specialty
October 25, 2014 (October 26, 2014 if warranted due to entry size)

National Contact Show Chairs:

Lourdes Fernandez -
Kathy Cunningham-Roy -